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Sperm, Zoidberg
Posted on 14.07. at 01:55

Due to our having a blog on the proper Australian Science Olympiad site we won't be posting on this one anymore, but here's a link to the blog so far: http://aso.edu.au/www/index.cfm?itemid=43

Enjoy! (I know we are!)


Sperm, Zoidberg

Official Blazer Ceremony Fun

Posted on 25.06. at 22:42
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Alrighty, because Dorothy feels lonely:
Cut for longness, because I'm fetch like that.Collapse )

Biology, Campbell

team announcement

Posted on 24.06. at 22:20
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My version of what happened (quoted from the other blog):

22 June
Fluffy left.

Fluffy and I have had some good times. But Fluffy was due to move on (well overdue, by some people's account), and is on its merry way to Gen in Melbourne as we speak.
Ah well, I'll see Fluffy again in 2 weeks. Oh yeah, and all this other stuff happened too (quoted for dramatic effect rather than veracity):
Was technically not at school according to what my parents wrote, but turned up anyway to a) vote for prefects and b) attend Maths (can't jig circular motion considering how much I'm going to miss already). Got out to Central at ~12:45 on the wrong end of Eddy Ave. Arrived Canberra somewhat late; the forecast of around 10C max was not inaccurate. One noticeable aspect of our hotel: free KitKats. 
Had dinner out with everyone else at Woodstock - we'd done a good job of inconspicuously smuggling Mary, Pat and Sarah's presents in, then had to spend about 5 minutes standing (holding the books) and arguing about the best way to give it to them. Which turned out to be entirely unnecessary, because we could've done it after Colin's speech, and saved ourselves trying to get the general attention with a fork and glass.
Colin: [calling for quiet] "Ladies, gentlemen.. and physicists.."

Also got our ties and pins after dinner. Much tie-tying incompetence ensued, with Mary, Colin and Sarah pitching in to strangle sort us out. Numerous photos and much squealing in protestation later, most of us still only managed trapezoid (rather than triangular) Windsors 9said squealing may or may not have accompanied Nicky, Eshan and Gen's "rite of passage")

Speaking of physicists, Nicky and Gen managed to scare Kathryn away within the first 5 minutes of our short-lived stint as roommates, and that was before they got the makeup/hair-curling implements out (at which point I was much inclined to walk off too). However, our (illicit) interdisciplinary association with the physicists continued well into the night when Nicky decided we should crash both physicist rooms. The physicists congregated/made noise/played Mao (the physicist equivalent of Bartok, a signature card game of the mathematicians) with impunity with their tutor/s. Gen attempted to work out the rules as an active participant and accumulated a considerable pile of cards. Nicky, Ander and Eshan were involved in all kinds of verbal sadism whilst watching Extreme Makeover and other "trashy shows". Ended up getting to sleep around 00:45; I am informed that the physicists stayed up much later.
Gen: "Point of order: goodnight!"
Was woken at 07:36 by Gen's mobile and/or Gen. Breakfasted and packed; were driven to Regatta Point (read: windy lakeside) for team photos in a rather small bus involving having all of one's luggage in one's seat whilst manoeuvring to sit whilst holding our lately-distributed blazers. Subsequently went to Parliament House where Fluffy went through the x-ray security machine. Waiting for the ceremony to start, the physicists/Gen/informatics guy set about another game of Mao.
Pertaining to the ceremony itself, think Presentation Night except in a garishly red lecture theatre and with Julie Bishop running on a 15-min schedule. The tricky part was getting a blazer on with said Minister's assistance (or hindrance) without looking completely unco and/or hitting said Minister. Ahaha poor Eshan, was used as a guinea pig. Most of us managed fine. Some Informatics people are unco =)
Had "light lunch" afterwards where we were supposed to "mingle" and introduce the parents to directors/teammates/other parents. The sandwiches were surprisingly palatable considering their contents appeared to be salad and cheese. The media relations person had organised for us (team members) to learn the names and political persuasions of our local MPs (most of whom didn't turn up, if any). Lol, I apparently have Philip Ruddock who is Liberal. I'm a politically aware 17-going-on-18-year-old.. *shifty eyes*
Most people left with parents from Parliament House; I stayed to go to Questacon for the sake of finding Fluffy clones in the gift shop. They only had Athlete's Foot because Fluffy is too cute for its own saleable good. Bah!

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Posted on 17.06. at 01:01

Ah, I just realised Nicky was serious when she said we'd have an audience.

This is a classic entry without which an understanding of us would be incomplete:

27 January
Biology "Boot Camp" 2007

Dominic: don't mention last year [to this year's people]... just kind of forget it happened at all..
At camp:
Anna, Danny, Vince (tutors): Hiiiii nice to see you guys again!!!1!!
Me: -.-"
So strange being a second-timer. For one, there are people asking every other hour about what's going to happen next (because the itinerary is a state secret). For another, the group is just so different--louder, more extroverted. Better at volleyball, too. Memorable events:
Volleyball. Sydney pwns Melbourne.
Cricket. An innovation of this year's group. Andrew trying to watch cricket on the guards' TVs at Parliament House.
[Andrew leans in to examin mace at Old Parliament House]
(mechanised voice): Please, stay behind the rope. Please, stay behind the..etc"
[alarm sounds]
The recycled college food.
Photostalking, enough said. Oh and the photo wars with Ander and Pok Fai. I'm in a lose-lose situation here. One of them's got a camera with a faster flash and the other looks so bloody innocent that nobody would ever accuse him of stalking.
Speaking of Pok Fai: spent the first half of camp almost calling him Leslie.
Discussion on fanfiction.
"Harry Potter gay porn!"
[Pok Fai chokes on coke]
Also: "What's PMS?"
On lichen:
PF: Do you know what lichen tablets do?
Moving on, there was Danny (tutor):
"Carbon can bond with four.. dudes!"
"A seed is like a mini sleepng sporophyte with a lunchbox"
On the specific heat of water:
"Becuase Canberra is so far from the sea, it gets really hot...Canberra is a hole!"
"I'm trying unsuccessfully to cool myself through evaporation and sweating Canberra is such a hole!"
On cell signalling:
Joy: So the message might be, "I see Vince--run"...
Joy: What would happen if signalling weren't reversible?
Bo: ..we'd be running from Vince until we die of exhaustion.
Hence the importance of signal reversibility.
Mustn't forget the Bill-Bo complex. And Bill's anger management issues--he spiked every ball in volleyball which came within a 5-metre radius of him, and they all somehow found their way to Gen.
Chemist 1: that's a prime example of uncooperativity..
Nicky: I don't cooperate with the biologists, why should I cooperate with you?
Chemist 2: She's got us there...
Chemist 1: Guess we'll have to go to the salad bar and find out for ourselves...
Physicists who became honorary biologists:
Sinal (on the serviette dispenser): The coefficient of friction is not affected by surface area!
At dinner, Nicky with a spider:
Pok Fai: Is that any good?
Nicky: No, I'm drinking it because it tastes bad...
PF: Well, you would, because you're Nicky..
Don't be fooled by that angelic face. He's evil =D
On Campbell:
"Anna's being too intimate with my Campbell!"
Respiration and circulation:
Vincent: When the chest volume is at its greatest... *class ROTFLOL*
Vincent: You're all sick...that's alright, I'm sick too!
Vincent: You suck!
On setters:
Me: Do you play setter?
Alen: Yes, you can tell?
Me: ...you're short.
Andrew (pract exam): My ovary doesn't have any blood vessels...
And finally, Perry who is a chemicist this year but is a biologist at heart...
Perry: I don't understand people with Barr bodies.

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Biology, Campbell


Posted on 15.06. at 21:26
Current Mood: okayokay
Anyone remember that list of things we wanted from Easter (ASIASOBPETS) camp. I just added platyhelminthes and sponges to our interests list thought i cant remember the other things. I think we planned to put the sponge in a blender and see if it reforms or something like that
 I think ill find some cool pics to add

Posted on 15.06. at 19:01
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Guess somebody has to start =) Fluffy resides with me for another 5 days because Eshan doesn't want to be seen carrying it around school and still enjoys celebrity status at Ruse. Really, it's worth the strange looks (esp from the teachers) one gets from having a bright blue entity in one's blazer pocket.

Anyway, the physicists' "blog" is here - http://www.aso.edu.au/www/index.cfm?itemid=47&CFID=1204778&CFTOKEN=6962a5df310cf856-65726EEE-D601-C370-03226FE8B406A68D. Your mission, should you choose to accept: keep a more complete record than they have! (I'll have cheat notes aka diary in case we have memory blanks when we get back faroutjetlagoneweekTRIALS!).

So 3U and Bio blew over with much angst and cramming (screw you, Search For Better Health!) - surprisingly enough pract was easier than theory/research task, which was very much time-strapped. Examined $20 slides of sickle-cell anamia blood smears the school bought just for this pract *aww* and made a paper "model" of nondisjunction (read: cut and paste).

This will have to suffice for now I shall pass the weekend hardcoring 4U and Chem.